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North East Dive

Diving from our Hardboat, 10.5m Offshore 105, Heated Cabin, Toilet, Dive lift

These trips are open to individuals/buddys/groups, please feel free to get in touch with your requirements as we can tailor your trip to suit you.

Diving out of Kinlochbervie, depending on the group we may depart from Kylesku, Lochinver depending on the desired sites.

No accomodation arranged. Diving £50/Day, open to book any no of days. Air Available if required.

2019 Available Dates, Additional day available on request

June 15th/16th

July 6th/7th

August 3rd/4th

October 5th/6th

These dates are open to individuals/buddy’s or group bookings

We can also direct you to local shore dive sites if you wish.

The trip is mainly scenic dives and offers some of the best diving to be had in the UK. We aim to dive twice a day. We also offer Night dives from the boat, weather permitting, ministers point is particularly impressive, you swim through the narrow gulley, drop into the cave then head along the wall.

Please check out our facebook page for previous trip reports. 

We berth at the Marina in Kinlochbervie, for trips such as Kylesku we may relocate there for the days. The dive sites depth ranges will be between 5m to 40m max and most of them you can pick your own depth. The Marina has safe pontoons to load from and there are public toilets and a shop nearby. We will be returning most days between dives to allow for cylinder changing & lunch.

Kinlochbervie is known for its rich marine life, clear Atlantic water and dramatic scenery both above and below the water. We have a large number of stunning sites, ranging from big gullies to narrow, sheer walls and pinnacles to stunning rocky slopes with striking white sand. Caves, swim throughs and the Blow hole at Am Balg.

The abundance and variety of life is spellbinding. From one turn to the the next we are blessed with more stunning sites to behold. Handa Island is even more impressive below the water with gulleys, sheer walls and huge rocks, referred as the Jewel in the crown. The gulleys, walls and channels are lined with a colourful profusion of life. From multi-coloured jewel anemones , bright sponges, tunicates, hydroids, bryozoans, the list goes on. The conditions provide a fairly constant flow of water, allowing such organisms to flourish. 

The sites are also abundant in fish life from sand eels to huge shoals. Dog fish in particular generally follow us through the gulleys and are particularly abundant at certain sites.

We generally spot Crayfish, including some Juveniles this year and females laiden with eggs. Octopus and Cuttlefish are particularly prominant in the spring and late summer.

We have also encountered Common Skate on 3 seperate occasions, including rarely (if ever) footage of a pair.

There are also various sites with wreckage, anchors and cannons including the Kinlochbervie wreck. We endeavour to dive the site regularly and feed back any footage. 

In our opinion Kinlochbervie offers some of the best uk diving, all accessible within an 1hr from the harbour. The sea lochs of Inchard, Dughaill and Laxford offer sheltered sites if the weather proves unfavourable. We have never lost a dive to bad weather. There are numerous posts and videos on facebook and utube should you wish to get an idea of the standard of dives sites we visit. There is footage from myself, Gavin Anderson photography, Andy Jackson (SubseaTV), Immersed Dive Blog to name but a few. 

The visibilty is generally 15-30m. 

Some of the planned dive sites for the six days are,

Handa Island, several scenic rocky sites with a maximum depth of 30m with large swim throughs, rocky overhangs, huge underwater Gulleys & an abundance of sea life. 

Roin, various sites ranging from 10-45m, an abundance of marine life, often teaming with shoals of fish and numerrous dogfish, the site offers stunning underwater gulleys and swim throughs.

Am Balg blowhole, a scenic sites with a large underwater channel leading to an underwater cave & blowhole.

Duslic Rock, is located just off Cape Wrath, an exposed scenic dive with many brightly coloured soft corals.

Cape Wrath, numerous sites around the Cape itself.

Whale back Rock, a large rocky stack with boulder slopes, and vertical walls covered in soft corals.

Black Rocks, verticle walls and underwater pinnacles.

Bodha Cailleach Pinnacle, an underwater pinnacle with numerous swim throughs and underwater channels. An abundance of Dogfish.

Kylesku and Badcall Islands, this stunning site under Kylesku bridge, usually accessed from the south shore or slip, we will dive both the north and south and sites further afield

North Coast, sites dependant on demand

And numerous other scenic sites north & south of Kinlochbervie.

For any further information please call or email.

The price is £50day for the diving. We can accomodate you for any number of days, please contact with you requirements. A £50 deposit is required on booking & the balance is due 4 weeks prior to the trip. To book please contact for Bank Details.

By booking you confirm your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

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