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Firth of Clyde Wreck Diving Week

North East Dive are planning 5 days diving in the Firth of Clyde. The trip will be mainly wreck diving and some scenic dives. We be be launching from Inverkip or Largs Marina. The dive sites average depth ranges will be between 20m to 35m. 

We will dive a number of wrecks and some scenic dives.


The Akka which lies in 18-40m which ran aground on the Grantock rocks in 1856. She is the largest submerged diveable wreck in the Clyde, lying upright on the north side of the Dunoon Bank. The wreck is covered in marine and is mainly intact.


The Greenock lies in 20-30m. She was a twin screw steam hopper dredger and sank in 1902. She now lies not far south west of the Akka and is still substantially intact, lying upright on on a flat sand/mud seabed.


The Ovington lies in about 32-35m, was an iron steamship that sank in 1889. She now lies upright south west of Toward point and has a largely intact hull.


The Wallachia lies in about 30-40m was an iron single screw steamship sank in  1895. She now lies upright on a muddy seabed with much of the hull remaining intact.


The Kintyre lies in about 38-49m, was an iron cargo passenger steamship she sank in 1907. She now rises on average about 3m off the seabed with much of her hull largely intact except on the starboard side aft of the engine room. The remains of beams and winches protruding, and holds and accommodation areas are easily accessible. The plating has fallen away from the dramatic clipper bow section where the ribs are covered with Plumose anemones.


The Beagle lies in about 32-38m was an iron steamship, launched in 1864, and worked as a small cargo passenger steamer mainly between Belfast and Glasgow until she collided with the steamer Napoli. The superstructure has largely collapsed, but the wreck retains a ship-shape feel to it as the hull remains fairly intact, although there is a section broken just before the bows. A considerable amount of marine life grows on the wreck, adding to the dive interest.


The Lady Isabella lies in about 5-15m was driven ashore in 1902. The wreck is very broken up with only a few hull plates and part of the keel remaining. She stands about 2m off a rocky seabed and is covered with a wide range of marine life, making for an interesting dive.

£425/5 days diving, £350/4 days, including self catering accomodation. We are also offering diving at £50/day.

We are staying self catering accomodation

For any further information please call or email

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Some footage from our dives in April 2017





























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