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Covid guidance

Please read in full before completing your Covid19 Declaration, we require this to be submitted one week prior to your charter date. 

Firstly it is vital we all play our part in minimising the risk of Covid 19, reducing the risk of transmission by ensuring we follow all relevant guidance.

As we are based in Scotland please ensure you familiarise yourself with the current Scottish Guidance. We are classed as the Highlands.

As we are based in a small rural community, please ensure you minimise the risk to our local residents. 

As legislation differs throughout the United Kingdom it is your responsibility to ensure you adhere to any guidance relevant to you. 

These links are correct as of February 2021 but we do suggest you clarify for yourself that these are still uptodate.

Please ensure you bring a couple of face masks / buffs for the week and any required filters they may need. These will need to be worn throughout the week in all indoor public areas.

On Arrival

Please confirm there are no changes in your health between completing the Covid declaration and arriving at the Lodge. We reserve the right to refuse entry, we may also require you to allow us to take your temperature or carry out a COVID19 test. We require confirmation of a negative lateral flow test pre arrival (within 36 hours).

Subject to the above on arrival you may access the lodge and unload your car, we need to be conscious of maintaining space, so arrrivals will be staggered, kindly wait your turn and ensure a face covering is worn in any indoor communal areas. Once unpacked please clean any areas with anti-viral wipes. Ensure legal limitations on gatherings and social distancing are maintained at all times in communal areas.

Full risk assessments are available and current guidance is on display throughout the Lodge.

Communal areas

Please aim to minimise any potential cross contamination of items and sharing of items in this area.

Ensure you adhere to current social distancing guidance if applicable (this is on display on entry to the lodge and entry to communal areas). Masks must be worn in communal areas whilst moving, these can be removed once you are seated and maintaining the appropriate distance, (this may change as Law/Guidance dictates).

All communal areas must be wiped with antiviral wipes/spray before and after use, hand sanitiser to be used regularly and before/after touching any surfaces. Do not share utensils. Pay particular attention to kettles/microwave/oven/toaster. Utilise the dishwasher to thoroughly clean any utensils/crockery/glasses. 

When you use the shower, toilet and sink please make sure all areas are wiped down with antiviral wipes/ spray after use. 

Diving/loading Boat

Please note face coverings should be worn whilst loading kit onto the boat and moving around. All kit should be kept to a minimum. Social distancing on the charter boat is 1m, ensure you are happy with this situation prior to arrival.

Dive Kit

Current recommendations:

  • You disinfect your kit on a more regular basis – as such it is suggested that bring some additional disinfectant with you to use on your kit during the week eg Chemgene. This includes any items that come into contact with breath – this includes masks, regulators, orally inflated BCDs, SMBs etc.
  • It is also recommended that a defogging solution on your mask rather than spit, the quickest way to make this is to mix a very mild solution of baby shampoo and water. Use 15-18 drops of baby shampoo mixed with 75 ml water in a spray bottle. Spray it in your mask and swish it around thoroughly so it touches every surface of the glass. Remember to shake well before use. If you do choose to continue with spit please do not rinse in the mask bucket

Kitting up

Where help kitting up is required – ensure face coverings are in place if you do not have a diving mask on and mouth piece in.


When you use the toilet please make sure all areas are wiped down with wipes and antiviral spray after use. There will also be hand sanitizer in the toilets. Do not flush the wipes down the toilet, dispose of in the bin provided.

There will be hand sanitizer and antibacterial spray and kitchen roll in this area to keep everything clean and wipe down shared / communal items.

Thank you for your time and understanding in these challenging times, if you have any feedback or ideas on how we can make things easier then please let us know.

Covid symptoms whilst on the charter

Please refer to the current Scottish Government Guidance,

Anyone showing/developing symptoms will be required to arrange a covid test via NHS, you will be allocated a room and bathroom for your sole use if you are unable to travel home immediately (it is imperitive you follow Guidance obtained from NHS Track and Trace). Your room will be provided with a kettle and any supplies/meals will be provided to your room. 

You must not leave your designated area, this will be temporarily screened, though allowing exit in the event of an emergency. 

You will be charged accordingly for services provided, ie Meals will be arranged and collected from the hotel/cafe. 

As a group we are obliged/required to follow all/any guidance from NHS track and trace. 

We may require you to move to alternative premises to allow deep cleaning of the lodge or to minimise risk to other parties, we will assist you in arranging this. You will be required to pay for your own accommodation, hence the importance of ensuring you have suitable travel insurance in place. 

We will not be held liable for any expenses incurred.